In her several years as a worker that is social Emily Jenkins believes she's got seen all of it, until she fulfills 10-year-old Lilith plus the girl's cruel parents. Emily's worst worries are confirmed when the moms and dads make an effort to damage the little one, and thus Emily assumes custody of Lilith while she looks for a foster family. However, Emily quickly finds that dark forces encompass the seemingly innocent woman, as well as the more she tries to protect Lilith, the greater amount of horrors she encounters.

Genres: Horror,Mystery,Thriller

Actors: Callum Keith RennieBradley CooperIan McShaneRenée ZellwegerJodelle FerlandKerry O'Malley

Directors: Christian Alvart

Country: Canada

Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009-08-13

IMDb: 6.2

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